Bloxxerman - Builder of the Realm is the Boss of Downcast Days.


He appears onto the stage in a SMASHING fashion. He looks like Builderman, just with cool looking shades. He wields a neon orange blueprint and a hammer with an orange helmet. He also wears a Roblox Bloxxer shirt with its explosion being neon orange too. He wears navy blue pants. His skin and shirt are grey too.

As part of the Parting update, different varieties of maps also changes his appearance, his tools, his helmet and his pants.



Each nail from Bloxxerman's ranged attacks deals 0.375/0.75/1.5/3 damage depending on difficulty.

Ground Pound

Upon spawning, Bloxxerman will smash into the middle of the field, creating a large shockwave, the damage of which scales with distance from the center. This attacked is repeated once more upon reaching 1 health.

Nail Splash

Fires a burst of nails at the player. 1 second cooldown.

Super Nail Splash!

Bloxxerman fires two constant streams of nails from his arms from both of his weapons which have greater knockback. Fired nails are not 100% accurate. 12 seconds cooldown. Used when below 80% HP.

Nail Rain

Bloxxerman falls on his knees and calls on a rain of nails, with a concentrated stream above the player's position. Has slight homing in the area. 12 seconds cooldown.


After attacking or getting staggered 5 times, Bloxxerman will attempt sink into the ground and reappear at a random location. If this move is interrupted, the attack counter resets.


If the player gets into melee range, Bloxxerman will swing his arm at the player, at the same time, a huge nail appears from his blueprint, dealing 6.25/12.5/25/50 damage and stunning for 3 seconds. 6 seconds cooldown.


Upon reaching 40% HP, Bloxxerman will receive a 20 HP shield after teleporting. This shield is identical in properties to that of Witness, except melee attacks can still stagger him, and the shield also reflects incoming projectiles and staggers the host if the shield is broken via melee attack.


Upon reaching 60% HP, Bloxxerman rises with a clone after teleporting (2 clones at 20%). The clones have 1 HP, and will fire a Nail Splash before retreating back into the ground. If hit once, they will retreat early.

20 Meter Radius Nail Splash

The first time Bloxxerman would take fatal damage, his HP is reduced to 1 instead. He will leap into the air, summon numerous tripwires on the field, and smash into the middle of the field with Ground Pound, gaining a shield worth 25% of his max health. If a host walks into a tripwire, a stream of 5 nails from that angle will fire at the host with the accuracy of a Nail Splash. If the player does not defeat Bloxxerman in time (20 seconds after Bloxxerman lands), nails will begin to fire at hosts from the tripwires regardless of where the host is or whether or not they have touched a tripwire.

This attack will trigger even if Bloxxerman takes fatal damage during stopped time, and the excess damage will be transferred to his shield.


After landing with Ground Pound, Bloxxerman will almost always open with Nail Rain. This may change to Nail Splash or Super Nail Splash if a host is closer to him.

Bloxxerman's speed is slow, stopping occasionally to make an attack with Nail Splash, Super Nail Splash, or Nail Rain. If you are too close, he will attempt to Impale instead. A new cycle starts when he tries to sink into the ground (after attacking or being staggered a total of 5 times). At certain health thresholds, he will summon up to one/two fully-orange clones of himself and give himself a 20 HP shield that staggers the player when broken with melee and reflects projectiles.

After landing his second Ground Pound, he does not do anything besides stay in the middle of the field. After approximately 20 seconds, he initiates the 20 meter radius Nail Splash, rapidly firing nails from all tripwires.


  • If you are fighting this boss on Minutes or Seconds difficulty, it is recommended to not get too close to Bloxxerman. This is because Impale will deal a devastating amount of damage and will stun you for 3 seconds, allowing him to get cheap hits on you. You will most likely either be on very low health or die if you get caught in this attack.
    • The nail's hitbox is to Bloxxerman's left hand. If you can predict when he will use Impale, you can dodge this attack by running in a clockwise circle if your host is fast enough.
  • When Bloxxerman is on the verge of dying before his final phase, it is recommended to save your tempo if you have a time-stopping ability. This way, you can buy more time to attack him before he launches the barrage of nails at you.
  • If Bloxxerman is sinking to the ground to relocate to a random spot, try to stagger or stun him before he does. This is extremely useful for preventing Bloxxerman to get to his next phase whenever he moves to a random location. Examples of moves that stagger enemies include the Invader's Dash Slash and the Witness's Kick.
  • Focus on dodging if Bloxxerman has two clones. Locate each clone's spawn point and predict their attack. They will always fire towards you.
  • If you are playing a ranged Host like Vestige and Dreamer [especially if you have upgrades which increase accuracy and/or projectile speed], it is unadvised to use auto-aim, as this automatically positions your shots directly in front of Bloxxerman, thus causing them to be reflected back at the host. You can instead aim for the sides of the shield to deal the same damage with a much lower risk of the reflected projectile hitting the host.
    • Alternatively, the shield cannot reflect projectiles that are created inside the shield, so a ranged host can attack without their projectiles being reflected if they are close enough (though this of course comes with the hazards of being close to any other enemy with a melee attack).
  • Because of Bloxxerman's extremely slow movement speed, Prophet should not have any issue landing a Heavy Strike, provided Bloxxerman's Impale is on cooldown or Prophet is close enough to Bloxxerman for the hitbox to pass through the Prophet harmlessly
  • Witness has an easy time against Bloxxerman due to his melee-orientation and high defense. His shield, like Bloxxerman's, prevents almost all negative effects, including the knockback of Bloxxerman's nail barrages and the stun inflicted by Impale. If Witness' shield is on cooldown and Bloxxerman attempts to impale it, it can simply use its kick to cancel the attack. With proper timing of his shield, Witness can easily defeat Bloxxerman without taking any damage during the battle.
  • Artisan's summons, especially the Vanguard Unit and Cluster Sentry, can tank many hits from Bloxxerman due to his relatively slow attack speed. Parry can block all of his attacks, including the Nail Barrage if sufficiently close, and with upgrades, the reflect damage is very significant. Chip damage does not affect them as much as other Hosts, as Auto Repairs, Stimmer Drone, and Nanofield Generator can heal from his attacks very quickly.
  • Visitor's Beam is not reflected, meaning a single use of Beam during Bloxxerman's final phase will take out much of the 2nd phase shield's health without putting you at risk.
  • Buffoon with the Aspect of God upgrade can completely shut down Bloxxerman, assuming that they aren't too close to where the nails aren't fully repelled/is in range of Impale.



  • Bloxxerman's attacks are inspired by the abilities of Hierophant Green from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders; most notably, its Emerald Splash and 20-meter radius Emerald Splash, the latter being the inspiration for his final phase. His death animation also references the way that Kakyoin was impaled through the abdomen by DIO during Kakyoin's final confrontation with DIO in Part 3.
  • Bloxxerman's glasses are also very similar to the glasses worn by Kakyoin.
  • Bloxxerman's stagger animation is similar to a frame from the default Roblox R15 'Dance 1'.


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