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"Nailed it."

"You thought you were going to get a true name but it was I, Dio!"

Bloxxer boasting about his nails

The Bloxxer is one of the fifteen Hosts featured in HOURS.


Bloxxer is an exceptional tank host. He moves very slowly, but gets by on the battlefield with his powerful attacks. Obtainable by tripping every wire of Bloxxerman's 20 Meter Radius Nail Splash. This is easier to do by setting your graphics to 1, to lower the amount of wires. He has no true name.


The Bloxxer takes the same appearance as Bloxxerman, hence his name.


Bloxxer is the slowest host in the game, which hinders his ability to avoid attacks by conventional means. His best defense is his own offense, using his powerful projectiles to keep enemies at bay.

Nail Splash (M1) fires a burst of nails that deal extremely low damage individually, but provide decent knockback to repel enemies.

Impale (M2) is Bloxxer's only melee attack, but its range is quite long and has almost no delay, and stuns enemies on hit for a considerably long time. This can be used to initiate a combo attack with Super Nail Splash! or Nail Rain. For maximum effectiveness, this should be timed to cancel an enemy's attack.

Sink (SHIFT) teleports Bloxxer to a random location on the field. The lower his HP, the more additional effects this will provide; below 60% HP, it summons a clone of Bloxxer at a random location which attacks with a Nail Splash before disappearing (2 clones below 20%), and below 40% HP, Bloxxer gains a 20 HP Shield that reflects projectiles and grants immunity to most negative effects, and staggers a melee attacker that breaks the shield. Due to the unpredictable nature of this skill, it's best used only when necessary to keep distance. While Bloxxer is immune to crowd control effects while this skill is active, he will still take damage if he is hit while sinking into or emerging from the ground.

Super Nail Splash! (Q) is an empowered version of Nail Splash which lasts longer, has stronger knockback, and can be continually aimed. The angling of this attack has a very slow turning speed, so it should be timed for when an enemy is not moving too fast in order to stagger them and allow the full attack to connect.

Nail Rain (E) drops nails onto the nearest enemy's location when activated. The rain follows the target as they move. This attack has a small windup and lingering time, so it is not recommended to use this attack when enemies are too close.

With the exception of Impale, which stuns, and Nail Splash, which does not inflict any form of Crowd Control, all of Bloxxer's attacks stagger enemies, even on Seconds Difficulty. This in combination with Sink and the knockback of his projectiles prevents enemies from getting too close.


HP: 75 (Increases by 25 per upgrade)

Speed: Extremely slow

Nail Splash (M1): Fire a burst of nails dealing 1.125 damage per nail, with each nail being able to push enemies back slightly. [3s CD]

Impale (M2): Turns the blueprint in Bloxxer's hand into a large nail, then thrusts the nail forward. Stuns for 2 seconds with a base damage of 10 if it lands and 5%EnemyMaxHP damage. [8s CD]

Sink (SHIFT): Sink into the floor and reappear at a random location. At around 60% max health, summon a clone to use Nail Splash once. At around 40% max health, gain a 20 health shield which reflects projectiles and staggers melee attackers upon breaking. At around 20% max health, summon a second clone. [12s CD]

Super Nail Splash! (Q): Fire multiple nails from both of Bloxxer's arms. [12s CD]

Nail Rain (E): Rain nails upon an opponent. [16s CD]

(Passive) Pwning: When spawning into combat Bloxxer falls from the sky and creates a massive shockwave when he hits the ground, dealing up to 25 damage depending how close enemies are to Bloxxer when he drops. All of Bloxxer's attacks which Stagger will still do so on Seconds difficulty. (Note that Bloxxer will only perform this ground pound when spawning into Sunken Sands, appearing in Multiplayer mode, or selected by the Overclocked Page Tempo.

Unlock tips

-A host with a high movement speed such as Equinox or Parting combined with a speed enhancing tempo like Rush or Zion is well suited to tripping every wire.

- Having your quality set to the lowest setting reduces the number of wires that are needed to be tripped towards unlocking Bloxxer. This is meant to improve performance for those who need it, but can be used to make this challenge easier.

- When used with his Aspect of God upgrade, Buffoon can trivialize the process of tripping the wires due to the projectile deflection this upgrade provides.


(No description)

(Increase your nail damage by 0.75, Impale's damage by 10, and HP by 25)



  • Bloxxerman and Bloxxer's names comes from a Roblox badge named "Bloxxer". His description, '250 confirmed kills', is a direct reference to this badge, which is obtained by killing 250 players while also having a Kill/Death Ratio above 1:1. The icon on their torsos are identical to that of the badge, and can be worn as a T-Shirt item by Roblox players who created their accounts in the earlier days of the platform.
  • Bloxxer and Bloxxerman are the only characters that can die by knockback.
  • The death may be a reference to Kakyoin from JoJo's bizarre adventure getting punched through the abdomen and getting hit against a wall. seen in this
    • Another Kakyoin reference from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are the names for his moves Nail Splash and Super Nail Splash which seems to be a reference to Hierophant Green's move, Emerald Splash and 20 Meter Radius Emerald Splash. (this scene)
  • Equinox, Bloxxer, Drifter, Hot Rash and Hellion are the only hosts that have only 1 upgrade available.
  • Nail Splash is Bloxxer's only attack that doesn't stagger or stun enemies.
  • Nail Rain is one of 6 default attacks in the game that can land a hit on Fallen Dread while they are in the air, the others being Dreamer's Burst and Eruption, Witness' Smite, and Buffoon's Bolt and Bolt-Ex.
  • Before the April Fools 2022 update, if you used the Page tempo on Sinking Sands as Bloxxer, you would be teleported to Peacock Peaks and have the option to upgrade, but after choosing or skipping, Bloxxer immediately died.
  • Equinox and Bloxxer are the only 2 hosts to gain maximum HP from an upgrade, and has no limit with the cheat menu.
  • Bloxxer and Dreamer are the only boss echo hosts that cannot recover HP.