Arson Agni is one of the ten enemies that can be encountered in Peacock Peaks.


He appears as a deep red humanoid, weilding a giant firebrand sword bigger than himself. He seems to wear a helmet over glowing orange eyes. He seems to have multiple neon orange lines on his chest too.



Arson does an overhead swing for 12 damage. Once the sword touches the ground, it creates a ring of fire, dealing 4 damage every half second their opponent is inside of it.

Double Slash

Arson swings his sword twice, each swing dealing 12 damage. Slow and heavy hitting. Do NOT get hit by this on minutes or seconds.


Arson Agni rolls backwards. This move occurs after 3 attacks.


Agni always performs Erupt, Double Slash, Erupt, and finally, Roll. If not, swap around Erupt and Double Slash.


  • Arson is one of the slowest enemies in the game, and can be easily defeated by not being within his melee range. If you are within melee range, try to stay behind him for the most part, as during his attacks, he'll be vulnerable due to all of his attacks having endlag. Alternatively, ranged attacks are extremely effective against him due to his lack of speed and range.


  • All enemies encountered on Peacock Peaks use an item found in the classic Roblox game Sword Fight on the Heights. Arson Agni uses the Firebrand, which in said game had a longer reach than other swords, dealt additional damage when slashing, and damaged enemies over time.